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We tell the untold stories around the world.
Watch our behind-the-scenes videos on social media. We are currently working on how we can include anyone who might be interested in working with us on any production going forward. We will post it here on our website and social media once we have everything up and running. 

Documentary film

Brackendale: An Art Gallery In The Woods

A documentary about a gem in the Squamish Valley, British Columbia, Canada. A Danish visionary that created a home for environmentalists, arts, music, development, mindfulness, Bold Eagle Capital and much, much more.

If you are interested to see the behind the scenes process for Brackendale: An Art Gallery In The Woods you can find videos about it here

Confideltial Documentation

Apple: Data Center + EXYTE

We worked with the biggest companies in the world. Over 80 hours of filmed documentation for Apple and EXYTE. 

Short films

Bloodbound, GUTS and more

We have made a number of short films over the years, Bloodbound and GUTS have been specifically made for competitions with a restriction of 1 minute.

On our youtube channel, you can also see other videos and content we developed over the years.

Unesco Creative Cities - Viborg

We went out to discover Viborg's creative essence and made Viborg Unesco Creative Cites of 2019. 


We have worked at many places around the world and have a lot of experience in the film industry. If you want to work with us, feel free to contact us and we will take care of the rest.

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We teach filmmaking

We have tough filmmaking at many places. 

The Animation Workshop, Doha Film Institute, Århus Film Workshop, Odense Film Workshop, Copenhagen Film Workshop, Online and more.


COSMIC VFX: VFX Stock Footage

We want to help other filmmakers and companies. So we developed a library with over 300 VFX Stock Elements that we wished we had in our arsenal.

We hope you will find use for them as well.

Right now we share 10 free VFX Elements you can try out for any production.