Short Tagline: The Visionary Thor Froslev and the Brackendale Art Gallery.  A huge influence for Canadian history.

Medium Logline: The Brackendale Art Gallery, also known as the BAG, is located 1 hour north of Vancouver and 40 minutes south of Whistler. The Brackendale Art Gallery is a privately owned community center which has been the heart of the arts, music, environmental groups, most famous for the protection of the eagles and the eagle providential park and much, much more in the Squamish Valley.

Longer Synopsis: The Documentary captures the soul and heart of The Brackendale Art Gallery. It is a fundamental part of the community of Squamish and a cultural milestone for British Columbia.

Thor's vision and idea made many things possible for artists back in the 70's and even to this day. 

Thor has reached more than the age of retirement and the future of The Brackendale Art Gallery is uncertain. 


ANA LAURA GARCÍA PALKA and MICHAEL EURIBE HANSEN shot and edited "Brackendale: An Art Gallery in the Woods" while living in Canada. They both studied in Denmark and quickly became independent filmmakers on their own. 


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