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Documentary film

Brackendale: An Art Gallery In The Woods

A documentary about a gem in the Squamish Valley, British Columbia, Canada. 

A Danish visionary that created a home for environmentalists, arts, music, development, mindfulness, Bold Eagle Capital and much, much more.

The Brackendale Art Gallery, also known as the BAG, is located 1 hour north of Vancouver and 40 minutes south of Whistler. The BAG is a privately owned community center that has touched countless hearts. 

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Confideltial Documentation

Apple: Data Center + EXYTE

We worked with one of the biggest companies in the world. Over 80 hours of filmed documentation for Apple and EXYTE. 

This production is only meant for Apple's internal usage.  We take confidential work very seriously and make sure we protect any data regarding any project. 


Short Films

Documentaries      -      Short films      -      Commercial Work

Short film



"A girl resides alone in a bleakish apartment surrounded by nothing but herself. It takes a leap to do something. "

Created by:
Ana Laura García Palka & Michael Euribe Hansen

Rebecca Wass

Alex Mangnall

Filmstro tracks "Buccaneer" and "Jaguarundi"

Film Riot One Minute Short Contest

Filmstro Short Film of the Year Awards 2017

Short film



"A mysterious man hires the services of a tracker with special abilities to find his missing sister."

A Short Film by
Laura Palka & Michael Hansen

Camilla Dybvad Kvist, Christian Euribe Hansen & Tina Haahr Planitzer

Costume Designer
Trine Thulstrup

Director of Photography
Laura Palka

Edited by
Laura Palka

Sound Effects by
Christian Euribe Hansen

Visual Effects by
Michael Hansen

Troels Wulff Bjerregaard

Screenplay by
Laura Palka and Michael Hansen

Directed by
Michael Hansen

Special Thanks to
Martin W Hill


Commercial work

Documentaries      -      Short films      -      Commercial Work

Commercial work

Viborg: Unesco Creative Cities

Commercial work

Music Video: Fyr og Flamme - Hemmelighed

We worked closely together with The Animation workshop, Arsenalet, and Viborg Municipality to discover and find all creative corners in Viborg city.

So we ventured to capture the essence of all aspects of what Viborg had to offer in the creative field, from Animation, XR, GAME which is an urban center filled with and physical and creative activities, the creative companies at the Arsenalet, and much more. 

Together we helped Viborg become Unesco Creative Cities in 2019.

Youtube channel

We collaborated closely together with Universal Music to create the music video for Fyr og Flamme - Hemmelighed.

We coordinated and worked on all the VFX for this project. 

It was important for us to achieve the 80's look and that shines out of the hot duo.